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Sapphire may be authorized for Digipeating?

For planning purposes, Sapphire may be  authorized for UI digipeating
under the same user guidelines as PCsat.  But since it was not designed
for this mission, we need assurence that users will not burden it with
unauthorized "connects".

We have been holding off on this secondary mission until we see that all
operators have gotten the word and understand that for the safety and long
life of these satelites (PCsat, Sapphire), that users must not
attempt connections TO or THROUGH these satellites.

We still see occassional connect attempts and until those individuals get
the word we cannot proceed with authorizing this additional  on-orbit
capability.  We only make this announcement for planning purposes
for those operators with big trips planned.

Our goal is to get as many satellites as possible acting as UI digipeaters
for the mobile, and handheld traveling user worldwide...  OPAL also has a
digipeater, and we understand that users may attempt to digipeat via the
callsign of KE6RFX 9600 baud for the purpose of trying to quantify its

But since it is simplex on 437.100 it takes -/+ and +/- 10 KHz doppler
tracking and takes some planning.  But maybe it appears hard because we
dont really know the exact center frequencies of the uplink and downlink?
This is a good area for experimentation too.  It does send a periodic
telemetry packets.

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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