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Re: Logging and QSL format

Tracy - K7KCS wrote:

> I tried using the standard log book format to log my first QSO via a
> satellite (AO-40) and found the format insufficient to document the contact.
> Same thing when I went to QSL.
> What do you guys use?

I had no problem logging on a reasonably standard paper logbook, but when I
wanted to computerize it, I found that none of the available logging programs
had all the stuff that I wanted to keep.  Most of them either did not understand
satellite at all, of lumped all satellite QSOs together.  Finally I wrote a
database using Microsoft Access that works for me.  There are a couple things I
want to add for automating features, and I'm going to add one more field.  Here
are the fields that I log:
    Start time
    End time
    Satellite mode  (V/U, U/V, U/S etc.)
    Operating mode  (SSB, CW, SSTV, PSK-31, Hell, FM, etc)
    Grid square
    RST sent
    RST received
    QSL sent
    QSL received
I will be adding DXCC country one of these days.  Currently I have several
macros for automating some tasks and I want to add a couple more:
    Enter satellite mode, operating mode, RST sent & received automatically when
satellite is entered,
    Enter country automatically when state (or province) is entered.  This will
fill in DXCC country after I add that field.
    Search for a callsign and display a table with most of the important fields
if found,
    Search for a grid square and display a table with many of the important
fields if found.
These last two are manually invoked and one of these days I'll make those also
invoke when I enter a callsign or grid square.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
626-302-8515    FAX  626-302-7501
AMSAT member 32537 / WSWSS member 395

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