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RE: USB & Serial ports inquiry


I've had a lot of experience with this problem.

If you go for the USB option and still want to be able to use your old DOS
programs (working within W9x), make sure that the USB-Serial coneverter will
emulate the port. Some (not all) Belkin models will do this. PDA serial
adapters, like the Keyspan's won't work with your old DOS programs, but they
do work with Windows software.

Note the USB is totally incompatible with either native DOS, the original
Windows 95, or Windows NT. Even if you run W2k, check that the device really
does have drivers for W2k - many don't.

Also if you use several USB serial ports with hot plugging you'll often find
that they don't configure in the same COM port order - most annoying.

The multi-port PCI solution is favourite IMHO which has an added benefit in
that it only uses one IRQ for all your ports.

Alternatively for laptop users PC card serial ports are available upto four
ports in one card from www.socketcom.com

73 Howard G6LVB

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