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Re: Re: [aprssig] APRS in the Carribean

Bob wrote..

--- snip ---
>Wow, everywhere on the planet there is HAM activity from space.  You can
>use your HT 28 times a day via these satellites:
>PCsat              Easy up and down
>ISS                very easy up and down IF they are ON
>Sapphire           Easy up (but is anyone listening down
>Opal (hard to do)  hard up and down (not recommended unless really bored)
>UO22               Easy up
>UO-14              VOICE Easy up but congested
>AO-27              VOICE Easy up but congested (Days only)
--- more snip ---

Ahh...if only. My recent move from busy Amsterdam (PA), to sleepy 
Wellington (ZL) was also a move from busy sats to sleeping ones. Unless 
UO14 is in the West, I'm often alone on the thing. Alone on UO14!! 
Unbelievable. AO27 really sleeps over Oceania - it's off. I haven't heard 
ISS packet since I've been here (but good ol' PCSat is there each pass).

Amazingly (for an operator from RF polluted Amsterdam) FO20 and FO29 can be 
worked with the simplest of antennas (folded dipoles). Well... could be, if 
there was anybody to work.

I hope AO10 will turn out to have more traffic.

I guess it's a strong motivation to get AO40 capable.


Sil    (ZL2CIA / PA3HIL)

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