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RE: USB & Serial ports inquiry

Roy asked about serial ports on new PCs and said

> I feel that there must be someone out there who has met this
> problem and
> solved it.  I have seen USB docking stations with an extra serial and
> parallel port along with a host of all sorts of additional
> ports such as
> PS2, RJ, etc.  However this is an overkill for someone who
> needs perhaps
> one serial port (for a second TNC) and one parallel port (for
> other than a
> printer).

There are a number of sources for small USB <=> RS232 adaptors. I've used a
Belkin (one port), an unbranded MIT (Made In Taiwan) 2-port and an Edgeport
4-port unit here under Win2K with no problems. These have become quite
common since the need to link your PC to a PDA's RS232 port has developed.

A quick search on http://google.com for USB RS232 returns 53,000 hits.
Picking one vendor at random,  http://www.usbgear.net/usa/item_288.html
shows a $28 widget, while http://www.usbgear.net/usa/USB_rs232.html shows a
$33 unit. I've seen similar units in the ~$30 range at Best Buy, CompUSA,

73, Tom

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