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USB & Serial ports inquiry

Hi Guys,

Those of you who have replaced an old PC which had two serial ports may
have noticed that some of the new ones are coming out with only one serial
port.  The USB and firewire ports are taking over the job.  Unfortunately,
I have not seen any TNCs around that interface with anything but serial
ports.  Therefore it is necessary to find a way to add a serial port
somehow if you need additional ones.

I feel that there must be someone out there who has met this problem and
solved it.  I have seen USB docking stations with an extra serial and
parallel port along with a host of all sorts of additional ports such as
PS2, RJ, etc.  However this is an overkill for someone who needs perhaps
one serial port (for a second TNC) and one parallel port (for other than a

Perhaps some company offers a small USB hub that also has these types of
ports on it in additional to the usual extra USB ports.    Perhaps some
enterprising manufacturer offers a simple USB to serial and USB to parallel
adapter box.  I would be interested, and perhaps others too, in finding out
what products have been found to solve this problem by those of you who
have done it.  

73, Roy -- W0SL

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