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Re: Digital Radios

Phil Karn wrote:

> Your perception has far more to do with the relative numbers of
> digital and analog cell cites than with the relative merits of digital
> vs analog modulation. Analog has been around for a while, so naturally
> there were many more analog cell sites when digital first appeared.
> Put up an equal number of each type, preferably co-located at the same
> sites and using the same antennas on the same frequency bands, and
> repeat the test. Digital will look a *lot* better, especially if you
> substitute CDMA for GSM. :-)
> Phil
IMHO, the CDMA digital phones have better audio quality than both TDMA
amps and GSM (also a TDMA type signal),also have better coverage
performance than either if co-sited, but only under conditions where the
user can access more than one cell site,( because of the way CDMA shares
a handoff) ,where you are 'end of the line' or in view of one cell site,
then the signals are possibly worse than either of the other modes when
the signals drop to low levels.

Dave ZL2MQ

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