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RE: Digital Radios

Hello Phil

> Your perception has far more to do with the relative numbers of
> digital and analog cell cites than with the relative merits of digital
> vs analog modulation. Analog has been around for a while, so naturally
> there were many more analog cell sites when digital first appeared.

In Europe these days I would suggest that it's slightly different although
the basis of what you say is, of course, absolutely correct! My last post
was rather tongue in cheek as I think you guessed.

Here, there are far more GSM sites than Analog sites... but almost no-one
uses analog anymore in Europe.

Ever tried telling the network provider in a fit of cellphone-rage that they
have under-capacity in their network after your tenth dropped call in a row?

I always find it interesting that you never get cut off when you call the
operator to complain...

Here's the stock answers I've had, even with full signal strength:

(a) They're only meant to work outside (my favourite, although often a last
(b) You must be in a black spot;
(c) We'll look into it... and never call you back;
(d) We'll send you a new handset - the third one in a month.

Believe me, they NEVER accept it's due to a congested network.... ;-)

Now I must re-read my Mobile Communications book again.

Cheers, Howard G6LVB

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