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PCsat Satgates

TOday we turned on GPS, but have not seen a single $GPGGA sentence from
PCsat via the Internet feed.  But we have seen them on RF. Seems that
there were no  SATGATES monitoring 145.830 in the USA today except maybe
florida?  We  only got a small number of packets near LOS and only the SE
USA was in the footprint then.

We do see some 145.83 data ofver europe, bust strangely, no $GPGGA's...

If you operate a satgate in the USA listening to 145.830 downlink, could
you check your system and make sure it is still up?  During a pass, I am
capturing 9600 baud data on 144.39 and I cannot simultaneousely be
monitoring 145.83 to see if the $GPGGA are coming down..

de WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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