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RE: Re: Digital Voice Via Satellite

> > There is the UK ham who built a digital voice system that uses the AMBE
> > vocoder and runs at 2.4 kbps (3.6 kbps with FEC).  His modem was a 36
> > tone
> > multi carrier modem (with QPSK on the individual carriers), IIRC.
> > Signalling rate was 50 baud.
> Ah.  If he has gotten the signal bandwidth within a typical 300-3kHz
> channel, then I'm very interested, especially if it shows up in QST or
> QEX sometime soon.


Ah Bruce, here it is barely 2002 and you're falling quickly behind :-).

The article "Practical HF Digital Voice" was reprinted in QEX May/June 2000.
Charles presented his system at the 1999 ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications
Conference in Phoenix, AZ.  It was also in the March Radcom magazine.

You can read the article on the ARRL TIS web pages at


For those just joining the thread, be sure to read Doug Smith's KF6DX
article Digital Voice Primer in the January 2002 QST.



- Steve, N7HPR

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