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Re: Re: Digital Voice Via Satellite

> Hi digital voice fans
> Please tell me how a digital voice in the HF band will be useable as
> today's SSB is in a pile up over a DX station.

If the mode becomes popular enough that it's in widespread use, it could 
be *very* usable, and might make some pileup situations easier to deal 
with, using the previously mentioned selective calling modes.  It might 
even be possible to specify a way to coordinate multiple call-in 
frequencies for a big pileup and QNY callers to discrete frequencies to 
reduce interference, designate a split on the fly without having to bust 
through the pileup to let everybody know what the split is, and 
negotiate power reduction for people that are coming in 30-40 over 9, 
and so on.  Sounds mighty useful to me.

> If you wish to use
> Microwave satellite frequencies that's ok .

I think there are all sorts of possibilities for stuff that's not 
possible with analog signals, on everything from DC to daylight.  It 
might be best to start with UHF and microwave for proof of concept and 
experimentation, but I think it has major potential for all the voice 
bands.  If it's deployed as successfully as PSK31 was on CW, then we've 
got a real winner here.  Now, microwave satellite operation would 
certainly benefit from it -- imagine if instead of just notching you 
out, LEILA could actually back your power down to S9 for you, or you 
could page someone for a quick QSO when the bird had line of sight, or 
about a dozen other possibilities -- but if we get into this now and 
figure out what features we want and how we want the system to work. it 
could be the biggest thing to hit ham radio since voice modulation.

> I just have a difficult time rationizing this thinking  for ham HF
> frequencies or for satellite .
> If we want more commericial like ham equipment like cell fones I do not
> understand

Well, I think limiting it to cellphone-like person to person 
communication puts this whole concept into much too small a box.  With 
selective calling features and auto-simplex operation, it could at least 
revolutionize repeater operation, with station and group paging and 
other features I know the ARES and SKYWARN folks would love, and like I 
said, it brings a whole new world of possibilities to HF voice as well. 
I know it's not a cure-all, and there will always be room for analog 
voice, just like there's room for CW alongside PSK31 and other packet 
modes, but why not think of what this mode can do that you *can't* do 
with analog?  Personally, I'm psyched.  ;-)

> Someone please tell me my thinking is out of wack,  and explain.    I'm
> easy

I wouldn't say your thinking is out of whack, just that you're probably 
accustomed to the way the bands work now and uncomfortable with the idea 
of changing something you know.  I can feel that, because I know what HF 
can do now with analog voice modes -- I just see the chance to add 
immensely to HF's usefulness with another mode, and sometimes change is 
a good thing.  I'm sure there were people weren't too thrilled with AM 
back in the CW days, and probably not too excited about FM or SSB while 
everybody was using AM, and I don't know what the reaction was to the 
first packet transmissions on HF but I'm sure there were complaints 
there as well.  This is just a new mode, and sooner or later it will be 
built into a Kenwood of some sort, so why not jump in while it's still 
in the development stage and get your feature requests in now?  ;-)

73 all,
           --... ...-- -.. . -. ..... ...- -...
                   Bruce Bostwick N5VB

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