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RE: Re: Digital Voice Via Satellite

> Please tell me how a digital voice in the HF band will be useable as
> today's SSB is in a pile up over a DX station.    If you wish to use

No one said it would be, but DX pilups are not everyone's cup of tea.
Personally, I've got better things to do (no offence intended, this is a
personal preference), ans I also live in a country which is dominated by
vast distances that are best suited to HF.  As a result, the prospect of
narrowband digital voice is attractive for either ragchewing, or setting up
long haul RF links (here, IRLP will miss vast areas of the Outback).  Don't
get me wrong.  HF is fun, and I've been on driving holidays with the HF rig
tuned to a pre arranged 40m frequency for friends to call in on.  I just
think there's a better way to do that style of operation (and aren't we hams
always looking for to "build a better mousetrap")?

Needless to say, the same argements apply to satellite operation.  It would
be good fun, after a long day's 4WD trek out the back of Bourke to pull out
the AO-40 (or AO-99? :) ) digital satellite station, aim the dish and unwind
with a few friends around the globe, or perhaps catch up on a little packet
mail. :-)

Analog SSB has definitely not run its course, but there are horses for other
courses, and SSB has its limitations, especially when there are non hams
thrown into the mix (not everyone appreciates the hiss of a HF SSB receiver
as much as we do! :) ).  There's room for all comers in this hobby. :)

> Microwave satellite frequencies that's ok .
> I just have a difficult time rationizing this thinking  for ham HF
> frequencies or for satellite .

Again, depends what you want to do.  I want to experiment with linking,
which requires good S/N on the audio side and reliable means of
signal/carrier detect.  SSB does not offer either of these, and in addition
requires extreme frequency accuracy with no auto adjustment facility (in
most cases).

But it is a great mode for dogpiles. :-)

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