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Re: Re: Digital Voice Via Satellite

Bruce Bostwick <lihan161051@earthlink.net>


>Ah.  If he has gotten the signal bandwidth within a typical 300-3kHz
>channel, then I'm very interested, especially if it shows up in QST or
>QEX sometime soon.  Haven't had any sort of urge to drag a PC into my
>all-Mac hamshack, but for digital voice I could easily be persuaded to
>break that rule, especially if i could dedicate a PC to voice and
>PSK31 .. ;-) .. and at that point it would be worth getting a dish and
>downconverter/transverter for my 10 meter rig ..

QEX May/June 2000, reprinted from the original RadCom

The original authors used a proprietary system, but
there are many publicly available encoders out there.
You can get source code for robotic but recognizable
speech coding at 2.4 kbps. Since it's source code, you
can build it for any platform you like.

The tradeoffs between bandwidth, data rate and SNR
are well understood. There is nothing sacred about
3 kHz wide signals, epsecially when playing with
microwave signals.

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