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Re: Re: Digital Voice Via Satellite

> There is the UK ham who built a digital voice system that uses the AMBE
> vocoder and runs at 2.4 kbps (3.6 kbps with FEC).  His modem was a 36 
> tone
> multi carrier modem (with QPSK on the individual carriers), IIRC.
> Signalling rate was 50 baud.

Ah.  If he has gotten the signal bandwidth within a typical 300-3kHz 
channel, then I'm very interested, especially if it shows up in QST or 
QEX sometime soon.  Haven't had any sort of urge to drag a PC into my 
all-Mac hamshack, but for digital voice I could easily be persuaded to 
break that rule, especially if i could dedicate a PC to voice and 
PSK31 .. ;-) .. and at that point it would be worth getting a dish and 
downconverter/transverter for my 10 meter rig ..

"Oh yeah? Well, I speak LOOOOOOOUD, and I carry a BEEEEEEEger stick -- 
and I use it too!"  **whop!**   -- Yosemite Sam

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