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Re: Last uptodate of OSCAR-13 mode-S user list

Hi all

Using Dom's ( I8CVS) lastest user list I decided to look at the
statistics on what antennas were used. 

The findings out of a total of 226 stations reporting is as follows ( one
station reported two antennas) : 

Yagi------ Loop Yagi ----- BBQ --- < 1 meter dish ---<> 1 meter dish --
helix  -- No antenna reported 

4 ( 2 %) --50 ( 25% ) --- 7 (3.5 % )-- 23  (11.5 %) --- 107 (53.5%) --- 9
( 4.5%)-----27 ( 13%)

On the dish antennas no Patch feed antennas were reported for AO-13 use. 
  Either the helix or nothing was reported.    Additionally no offset
dish reported 

It is obvious that the most used Mode S antenna during the AO-13 days
were larger then 1 meter and were prime helical fed .

I was surprised to find 23 dishes reported with a diameter greater than 2
meters.    The largest was 8 meters.

The BBQ dish was not in vogue yet .

I wondered if the percentage of the less than 1 meter dish has surpassed
the larger size since AO-40 was launched .       

The Loop yagi appears to have been mainly a U.S. and Japan used antenna.
Several stations used loop yagi arrays.   Some with as many as four loop
yagi's in the array


Joe  k0VTY

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