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Re: R: R: false signals-images-harmonics-whatever? FIXED !!

 "i8cvs" writes:

> An inductance of 5,5 nanohenry can be built using a very small square loop
> made with 0,8 mm copper wire in wich the lenght of each leg is 9 mm long
> internally separated by a distance of 4 mm

The problem at the higher frequencies is one of accuracy because the 
dimensions are so small, especially at 2.4 GHz and higher. So ... if a 
quarter wavelength is too fiddly then try it with *three* (or any odd 
number of) quarters of a wavelength.

But if its a piece of coax you're trimming you still have to trim in tiny
pieces so use thin high-quality coax (the stuff that fits SMA connectors), 
and a hobby knife rather than wire cutters and thick snips.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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