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RE: W7/G6LVB operations 2-6 Jan 2001


Should anyone want any QSLs from contacts made in DM16, DM25, DM26 or DM27,
QSL to me direct via the address at qrz.com. A self-addressed envelope is
all that's required.

Apologies for the lack of time spent making contacts. My delayed and damaged
baggage ended up to be only part of my problems! I was volunteered as a
designated driver for a dozen friends of mine, which limited my time out in
the desert activating the rarer squares somewhat.

Amongst other things the 2m driven element on my trusty Arrow was bent
during transit and in trying to bend it back I managed to break it
completely! So I had to make a trip to the local AES who had the antennas.

I tried listening for RS-12/13 but heard nothing, coincidentally around the
same time someone on the reflector asked about this bird.

I did call through FO-29 early on Saturday morning (5 Jan), but had no
replies. My receive equipment for the linear transponder sats was rather
sub-optimal (I was using an IC-R10).

All the QSO's I had were either through UO-14 or AO-27.

Thanks to everyone who tried.

What did I learn?

o A pre-programmed, purpose made satellite radio that you're familiar with
is far easier to set up and use than two separate radios which you've not
used for a while.

o Use of a wide filter HT-style receiver is all very well, but I had a lot
of intermod problems even five miles out of town. I was picking up TV sound
on FM, and on SSB it was difficult to know whether I was hearing my downlink
or my uplink on occasion. The wide filters on these receivers don't filter
out the second sideband at all well.

o Don't ever forget that headset/mike again! Gives you a much needed free

73 Howard G6LVB

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