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TV aerial rotator question - reply

First, thank you for the huge number of replies. I wondered how the 
controller's pointer moved and I never thought of a second motor. Anyway, my 
worst fears have been confirmed, so it's back to the drawing board.

I had already considered Bob Bruninga's idea where he has mapped time and 
rotation speed to get the desired aerial heading. Bob states that the 
accuracy is adequate, and I'm sure that it is, but I had a more 
engineered solution in mind. I'll think about this a bit more, the idea is 
simple and it may be the only way that I can stay within my strict budget.

Another alternative is to add a multi-turn feed-back pot to my own somewhat 
bulky home-built rotator as a few people have done with their TV aerial 
rotators. Actually locating a pair of suitable gears has been a real problem. 
The local appliance repairers don't have anything that is suitable. Maybe the 
the people who have modified there TV aerial rotators have taken a gear from 
the controller. Of course, a pot that turns through 360 degrees would be an 
instant fix.

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