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Re: false signals-images-harmonics-whatever?


This afternoon I got a chance to see if the coax stub that eliminated the
images from the AO-40 downlink pass band for me did or did not also
eliminate the desired signals as well.  I am happy to report that I could
hear the MB at S5 to S7.  It was so very much easier to find my own signal
in the pass band without the multiple birdies clouding things up.  My CW
signal was 559 to myself.  WA6FWF (Kevin) gave me a S2 reading on CW and we
tried a SSB contact that was not real satisfactory for me.

He said his squint was 56 in Calif (0015 Z 1/7/02) and that was a bad angle.
I entered  Alat -11 and Alon 321 in Insta Track and got a squint (IT calls
it Offp -off pointing) of 158??  I thought 90 was max?  does this have to do
with IT thinking the antenna is on the wrong side of the bird?  Should I be
reading 180 minus 158 (22 degrees) or 158 minus 90 degrees (68).  The second
one seems that it would agree with what Kevin said.

Have a great week and 73's  Tracy K7KCS

> Great, Tracy.  Did you have a signal on S-band at the time you could
> to make sure the main signal did not get attenuated as well.  It should
> have inserted more than a fraction of a dB loss, but you want to check
with a
> strong signal like the beacon on AO-40 to be sure.  Good luck with the
> 73,
> Jerry

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