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K3TZ Patch Design Web Site Update

Hello all,

I have recently updated my web site for my patch antenna design.  Hopefully
I have made it a little easier to find information on it.  It is still under
construction and I have a lot to add, but I recently finished up some
polarization testing and posted the results there.  I know there were quite
a few people here that were waiting for these results.

I have received several notes pertaining to the polarity of the patch I was
working on and I couldn't confirm if the patch was circular or linear.  The
simulations I performed on it looked excellent.  However, after testing the
design under controlled conditions, I found that it was in fact linear.  The
good news is that the simulations predicted that it had just under 9dB of
gain and this was proved in the recent testing.

The new web site with the results of this testing and how I did it can be
found here:

It looks like it is back to the drawing board.  This has been a very
exciting and fun project so far.  I would like to thank everybody that has
dropped me a note of encouragement and/or help, and to all those that have
built and used this patch, all with great success I might add.

I will keep you informed of revision 2 of the K3TZ patch.


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