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AMSAT Chat room

The AMSAT Chat room is currently hosted on the duck.informx.com server port
6667.  To access the chat room you will need use an IRC client installed on
your computer.  There are several client programs available.  I use mIRC
which is available from http://www.mirc.com/ They also have some very good
background information on using IRC.

Once you've installed mIRC, when you start the program the setup window will
open.  Click on the add button.  In the description box put the name of the
server as you want to see it on the setup window.  I use Ducknet-AMSAT.  In
the IRC Server box type duck.informx.com.  Finally make sure the port box is
showing 6667.  Click the Add button and you should be back to the setup
window and see your new server listed.  Highlight the server and click
Connect.  You'll see the program connect to the server and some status
messages scroll by.  At this point you're ready to join the chatroom.  All
IRC commands begin with a slash. Type /join #amsat.  Another window will
open and you'll see the list of people in the chat room listed on the right.
Your nickname is how you show up to other people in the chat room.  In the
#amsat room most people use their callsigns.  To change your nickname to
your callsign type /nick callsign.

The nice thing about IRC is that it allows almost immeadiate conversation
back and forth.  Anything you type in  will be relayed to everyone else in
the room as soon as you hit enter.  Getting feedback from the gang on IRC
has helped me out several times.  In one case the time on my computer was
off by an hour which had me looking for passes at the wrong time or wrong
part of the sky.  Another time AO40 had switched the MB off during the
eclipsed portion of the orbit and having several other stations confirm not
hearing the beacon kept me from wonder what had gone wrong with my station.
When the beacon did come on, one of the other stations reported AOS and a
frequency which helped the rest of us get on track quicker.

Finally another web site with a lot of good introductory information on IRC
and some of the other available programs is http://www.newircusers.com/

Good luck and I hope to see you in the chat room soon.


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