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Re: false signals-images-harmonics-whatever? FIXED !!

Hi Greg,
I have seen some images like that, without that explanation.
(Lightning strikes Franlin !!).
They might make sense after all, try it.
73 Jens    ZL2TJT

"Greg D." wrote:

> Hi folks,
> The alternative to a 1/4 wave open stub at 435 would be a 1/4 wave shorted
> stub at 2401, right?  If so, wouldn't that be easy to build into a helix
> feed?  I'm thinking of a short piece of wire parallel to the ground plane,
> with
> one end attached to the feed point (N-connector), and the other end soldered
> to
> the ground plane.  234/2401*12 = 1.17 inches long?
> My thought here is that being a shorted stub, it would put the feed coil at
> ground
> potential for most frequencies - lightning protection, 432, etc., and
> probably
> do a fair job at 1.2 ghz.
> Im I close?  Is there a reason to use a 1/4 open stub on 435 instead?
> Greg KO6TH

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