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No Ao40 signals :-(

Hi Amsat's,

Today I tryed my second attempt to hear some signal from AO40, but again 
nothing to hear :-(
I still don't know why I hear nothing because everything works fine when I 
test it with my test beacon. When I put it to the place where AO40 has to 
be, I hear only RX noise.

I use an NORSAT down-convertor what must me enough to hear AO40 (What I read 
on internet). My antenna is an 60cm dish, with an 13cm feed like the schema 
you can find on the following picture:


When I am right the MB is always on. Or not ?
Maybe someone has an idea why I don't hear AO40 ?

Or do I need an more bigger dish and 50dB pre-amp ? (:
I guess I am better in catching AO10, even with only an handheld ant and an 
low power portable station :-)

73 de PE1RAH, William

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