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Re: false signals-images-harmonics-whatever? FIXED !!

Hi all,

Thought I'd share the results of all the suggestions I got on how to get rid
of the images my uplink (435 Mhz) was creating in my downlink passband (2.4

1.  The images were indeed stronger when antennas pointed at neghbors house.
2.  I disconnected helix and hooked in a dummy load; images dissapeared.
3.  I turned off DC to downconverter; images dissapeared.

I was ready to buy a notch filter or a better D/C but K5OE gave me a
suggestion I had to try first.

1.  I installed a coax "T" off the helix and connected a 5 1/2" coax stub
off the extra end of the "T".
2.  I monitored the image signal strength while trimming little pieces off
the coax stub.
3.  After about 20 cuts, the image became inaudible.

Problem solved . . total cost $13.00 for the "T"

Thanks to all who made suggestions.

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