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Is Alaska a DXCC country?

Don Woodward wrote:

Is Alaska a DXCC country?

Wayne replies:

The short answer is YES.

A large number of ARRL DXCC "entities" are not sovereign nations.  The most common reason for defining non-sovereign DXCC entities is physical separation from the parent nation (Alaska and Hawaii are good examples).  But there are several "legacy" DXCC entities whose reason for separateness is a mystery to me (Corsica, Sardinia, Dodecanese, Aland Islands, Asiatic Russia, etc.).  These entities definitely don't meet the physical separation rule, and to my knowledge they don't have separate political administration.  Perhaps they have their own IARU societies.

Here's a URL to the list of 335 DXCC entities: 

And here's a URL to the sometimes obscure and confusing DXCC rules:

On a related note, today I mailed my Satellite DXCC application to the ARRL.  101 DXCC entities confirmed on satellite.  I hope they don't reject more than one card!

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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