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Arrow antenna saves my bacon


Well, I arrived in the US OK but my radios didn't. :-( For the second time
in three months. Now they wonder why I used to hate putting my radios in the
hold. You could never win with airlines. In Europe, they were too heavy to
be put on board, but they wouldn't insure it if it went in the hold. They
even say 'take valuables on board with you'!

Since 9-11, I've been voluntarily putting nearly all my junk into the hold
on plane journeys, except for an HT with the antenna unplugged in my
carry-on. And I took out an expensive insurance policy to cover it.

Well this is my second time to the US since 9-11 and the second time my bags
got lost. First time the bag arrived a day late and I just put it down to a
tight onward connection.

Now on this second time I now finally have my bag. On this occasion it
appears that the bag (only three months old - a TravelPro) was dropped from
a great height (eg from an aircraft hold to the ground). The 'guaranteed for
life' ballistic nylon seem was completely torn through in one corner, and
the state of the runners and plastic corner parts look like it'd been towed
along the runway. The reinforced sides have buckled. It's totalled.

So with great trepidation I opened up the bag and took out the precious
cargo. Well it looks like everything is working fine. Although I used bubble
wrap around the various contents, there was a small dent in the IC-706MkIIG
(which was in another smaller ballistic nylon bag inside), but luckily all
seems to work.

Now I can only put this down to the fact that I had the aluminum boom
section of an Arrow antenna running diagonally the length of the case which
stopped the entire case being crushed like an egg as it met the ground.

Next time I'll give my bags a parachute.

73 Howard G6LVB

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