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Re: OSCAR-13 mode-S user list and comments

Hi Domenico

It is interesting to see this list after such a long time, however
for some reason it never included myself:

G4KLX     Jonathan       1,4m dish, helix feed

Of the G stations on the list, two are now SK, and another G who
was active on AO-13 mode S and is also active on AO-40 is also missed
out, Alan G2HIO.

I think the problem for AO-40 and AMSAT is that the general amateur
population is lazy, it requires effort to get onto AO-40, and most
amateurs these days are happy to buy a HF rig and put a bit of wire
out of the window. Very sad, and not good for the future of amateur
radio. Look at the somewhat unhealthy fascination with "boat anchors",
it makes me weep.

What strikes me is that the scheduling of AO-40 does not invite
experimentation. With AO-13 when mode S was operational, no other
mode was available so you gained greater usage of the satellite
by getting active on mode S. The same would have been true of AO-13
mode L except that mode J was also active at the same time.

The only equivalent of AO-13 mode S on AO-40 is mode K. That is where
the real chances for experimentation occur, but 24 GHz is very much
more of a challenge than 2.4 GHz is/was, even in 1990.

However I am preaching to the converted here. Maybe when the sunspot
cycle starts to go down then maybe we will see more people on AO-40.

Jonathan  (in grumpy mood, first day back in the office)
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