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Sat Operation Statiistics

I compiled some statistics from my log for the first six months of 
AO-13 operation. I had just set up a sat station which was all new
to me. On Jan 4, 1989 I made my first AO-13 QSO with OE5ECM.
I was going to do a year for comparison but because of the logistics
of manual counting I stopped at 6 months. 
Here are the results from my log Jan 4 to June 19 1989.
All are unique calls, all on AO-13

1 call         29 countries
2 calls        5     "
3 calls        4     "
6 calls        2     "
7 calls        1     "
8 calls        1     "
9 calls        2     "
14 calls       Italy
20 calls       France
31 calls       England
31 calls       Canada
77 calls       Germany
130 calls      USA (this not too representative as I did not
                            seek out US QSO's)

= 402 unique calls from 51 countries in 1st 6 months.
During remainder of 1989 worked 13 more countries for
a total of 64.

Statistics AO-13 Mode S Operation

Ted, W4FJ compiled a list of all mode S operators. 
He listed 220 calls from 22 countries.  I had logged
3 he missed making a total of 223 calls on AO-13 mode S.

>From my 2001 AO-40 log of 235 calls worked, 28 had worked
AO-13 mode S more than 6 years ago.
75 of the 235 calls on AO-40 I have worked
previously on other satellites. ie were old sat ops.

What can be concluded ?

1) Operation on AO-40 is far lower than on AO-13. 
    (50% lower for 6 months AO--13 verses 1 year for AO-40, 
    and US numbers on AO-13 are unrealistically low)
    Guestimate = 70 to 80% lower.

2) AO-40 use is about the same as mode S on AO-13

3) More than one third of the operators on AO-40 were already
    satellite operators.  
There are probably many reasons why.  I dont think cost is a
major one. Many got on AO-13 and it is a minimal jump to go
from AO-13 equipment to AO-40. 
My view is that the amateur population is aging and 
has not the desire to attempt something new. 

Clare VE3NPC

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