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For the last two days, I've setup my PCSAT station in a somewhat bizarre

I'm one of the few in the US that runs UI-View32 as my APRS software.
For those who haven't checked it out, it's very good and can be found at
www.packetradio.org.uk   (if you want to see the output of UI-View from
a mapping standpoint, check out this link.
http://www.highrf.com/Lanier/SNAPIT.png  Took that just a few days ago
with my weather station open and displayed)

The Author wrote a very nice Windows plugin for it that will decode
internet or realtime telem data from PCSAT and display it in a windows
look and feel display.

My station has been configured running AGWPE with one port connected to
my TAPR 56002EVM and the other connected to my D700.  The 002 is
connected to my TS2000 and the sat beams.  The D700 is on 144.39 in the
US.  I then use NOVA to point and WispDDE talking to Nova to control the
TS2000 for doppler.  So far, works like a champ.  One note, I have not
been transmitting yet, so it is just controlling doppler on RX, but that
will be resolved shortly.

Once UI-View is talking to radios, I then connect it to one of the APRSD
servers and poof, anything heard on either radio is relayed to the inet
and the aprs network in general (all of this functionality it built into
UI-View).  More on that later, I'm about to try an experiment with some
"digi-ing" happening between 144.390 and PCSAT, but I'll wait till power
budgets are better as the eclipse cycle ends in a few days. (you see
UI-View can be setup as a digi as well and you can configure how the
cross connects work).

Anyway, we had a 54 degree pass over the eastern US tonight and so I
captured as much telem as I could.  The link below is to my webserver
and is a screen capture of the UI-View plugin.  The pass was at about
8:45pm local time in Atlanta.  PCSAT had just come out of the sun and
entered eclipse.  I've sent the image to Bob as well.


It never ceases to amaze me what you can do with the software that is
available now adays.

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