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Re: Just a suggestion

On Tuesday 01 January 2002 15:26, John Becker wrote:

> Having said that, just a bit ago in came a message from this list
> with just 6 lines including the reply text.
> 17 lines of signatures and bragging on herself.....

The thread in question was *about* bragfile signatures...so I 
considered the one-time, tongue-in-cheek bragfile to have been part of 
a 13-line message body, with three lines of quoted message...I trimmed 
out the sig that started the thread.  

It was a *joke*, it's not my permanent signature.

I've been using my six-line sig on this list for several years 
now...and you've quoted entire messaages--*including* that sig--back to 
me at least twice. Sorry, I'm not changing it...except just on this 
message, just for you, John. Don't they make the bits smaller in towns 
that are so small that it affects your mailbox size? :-)
 73 de Maggie K3XS
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