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Re: Just a suggestion

At 03:17 PM 1/1/2002 -0600, Jeffrey Comstock wrote:
>I was quite fascinated by your message and decided to do some analysis.
>These numbers will be different for most people due to mail routing.
>Your message was 2153 bytes long. Of that, 66% (1442 bytes) was header
>information. 26% (566 bytes) was your message.
>This struck me as pretty funny, your mailer is putting useless garbage
>into the headers. Just think of the terrabytes of this crap floating
>around out there !

He has no control over headers ... that gets inserted by the various 
mailers used on the internet ....
But we cannot trivialize his observation - there is no need to over-quote 
and put large amounts of superfluous garbage in a message.

BTW, I intentionally put most of your message in this response, for the 
benefit of those following the thread.

There are people in Australia and Europe who pay by the kilobyte, so I am 
sure it irks them to see someone quote a whole long message, then add 
something like     "I agree" as their only input, and then 16 lines of a 
sig file.

I get about 500 pieces of mail per day - most from lists - they get 
categorized and are often mass-deleted if the subjects have no appeal for 
me. I can afford it ... I'm sure there are many who cannot.

Thanks for the analysis Jeffrey.


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