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Re: Old (without PC) tracking ?

> > I am looking for some way to predict satellite passes without use of a
> > computer system.... for my portable... with handheld antenna :-)
> If you have either the Kenwood D7 HT or D700 mobile rigs, just tune them
> to 144.39 in most areas of the country and they will receive and display a
> schedule of all passes in the next 80 minutes as well as the distance and
> azimuth from you to the satellite whenever one  is in view...

A couple days ago I used a borrowed D7(G) to bounce a couple
packets through PC-SAT from the middle of nowhere Montana.  It was
one heck of a big thrill.

My time zone was off on the Palm 3 so PocketSat's prediction didn't
give me any success.  I left the D7 on while I went on to other
distractions.  A little latter it started making packet noises.   I grabbed
it, hit a couple BCON's and started doing a little dance when it beeped
with a  "my positition" message.

The only downer is that it appears my position wasn't picked up by
any igate.  Does this mean we need more folks monitoring PCSat
and feeding the info to the net?

Bill - WA7NWP

ps.   Make sure you get a D7(G).   The earlier firmware is lacking
many essential functions for satellite operation.  The original D7
can be upgraded but it's a trip back to a Kenwood service center.

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