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Fw: AO-40 Log of Unique Calls

Subject: [amsat-bb] AO-40 Log of Unique Calls

With regard to distribution of calls my log distribution is similar to
Jerry's with a bit larger proportion of US.
Perhaps this is due somewhat to the time zone differences. AO-40 has been
for the most part on in the eveining
over North America when of course Europe is deep in sleep. However I think a
point to note is the countries that
you might expect to hear from are not there.

Other countries that are in my log are Azores, Chile, Greenland, Hondorus,
Luxemburg, Portugal, San Marino,
Ogasawari, and Switzerland.

Alaska, and Hawaii are also counted as seperate DXCC countries.

So the total countries on AO-40 listed here is 42.

Anyone have more to add ??

Happy New Year
Clare VE3NPC

Jerry K5OE wrote

>In wrapping up the eastern pass over Europe, and it being the last time I
will get to work AO-40 this year, I was curious about the distribution of
calls in my log.  A quick check produced the following statistics of unique
>1 Unique Callsign:  Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Guernsey, Hong Kong,
Hungary, Israel, Monaco, Puerto Rico (I know, but it is a DXCC entity),
Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, & Wales.
>2 Unique Callsigns:  Austria, Canary Is., Czech Rep., Denmark, French
Guyana, & Mexico.
>3 Unique Callsigns:  New Zealand & Netherlands.
>4 Unique Callsigns:  France.
>5 Unique Callsigns:  Australia & Belgium.
>6 Unique Callsigns:  Italy.
>9 Unique Callsigns:  Canada, England, & Japan.
>21 Unique Callsigns:  Germany.
>75 Unique Callsigns:  USA (including both KH6 and KL7)
>73 & Happy New Year,
>Jerry, K5OE

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