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Re: Re: AO40 user population

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 12:24, Ed Krome (K9EK) wrote:
> Hi, All:
>         OK, 2 more cents worth. Why aren't there more new people on AO40? I
> don't think it's money... I bought a whole Transystem for less than $100 a
> few months ago. My wife and I spend more than that on an evening out. That
> Transystem setup was far easier to implement than my first 2-meter downlink
> for AO-10.

I just discovered a batch of unread e-mails and I feel compelled to answer 
this one.

You must try to remember Ed that there is a big world beyond the shores of 
the USA where money doesn't grow on trees. An FT-847, for instance, would 
cost me ten weeks wages. How could I justify an expense like that?

I must admit that our throw-away society is alive and well, however, 
satellite dishes and downconverters are not readily. Our exchange rate, bank 
fees and transport cost makes an imported downconverter alone equal to a 
week's wages. And then there's the pre amp and a dish to consider. It's not 
fear of technology that keeps me from experimenting but fear of divorce and 
going hungry!


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