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AO-40 Log of Unique Calls

In wrapping up the eastern pass over Europe, and it being the last time I will get to work AO-40 this year, I was curious about the distribution of calls in my log.  A quick check produced the following statistics of unique calls:

1 Unique Callsign:  Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Monaco, Puerto Rico (I know, but it is a DXCC entity), Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, & Wales.

2 Unique Callsigns:  Austria, Canary Is., Czech Rep., Denmark, French Guyana, & Mexico.

3 Unique Callsigns:  New Zealand & Netherlands.

4 Unique Callsigns:  France.

5 Unique Callsigns:  Australia & Belgium.

6 Unique Callsigns:  Italy.

9 Unique Callsigns:  Canada, England, & Japan.

21 Unique Callsigns:  Germany.

75 Unique Callsigns:  USA (including both KH6 and KL7)

73 & Happy New Year,
Jerry, K5OE

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