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RE: to many downlinks on 145.825Mhz

Robert G8ATE,
Wow!  Four consecutive Starshine 3 packets ties the record.  I think there is 
only one other submission with 4 packets.  Consecutive packets are 
particularly helpful because they let us determine the spin rate of 
Starshine.  My name is Phil Jenkins (KC8SRG). I am the lead electrical 
engineer for Starshine 3.  Michael Tochard, KA7ILU, runs the SS3 telemetry 
web site.  He recently posted a description of the experiments monitored by 
the SS3 beacon (http://epulation.com/starshine/starshine3/ss3rf.htm).  You 
might find it interesting.

We are still in the process of calibrating some of SS3's data channels.  
Unfortunately we have not collected enough data to complete the task.  We are 
in particular need of consecutive packets.  In particular, we need to get 
packets collected when SS3 moves from sun light to shadow.  If you ever get 
the chance to collect packets under these conditions it would really make my 

I don't know if you have seen the SS3 telemetry submission page or not at: 
http://www.epulation.com/starshine/starshine3/ss3telem.htm  It helps to have 
the data collected on at central location.

Thanks again,
-Phil Jenkins, KC8SRG
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