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KP-1/440 problem.....

Happy holidays to all! I got this preamp for xmas and wanted to put it 
outside at the antenna to try to receive the ssb birds better. I bought a box 
to put it in, drilled the holes for the coax, sealed the box with silicone, 
mounted it on the mast, turned the amp on, and POOF! The 10 ohm resister &
quot;overheated"!!! I tried it out in the house first and it worked 
fine. I'm using the same power source as the 736(don't use it's AC power), 
didn't have the preamp switch on(don't think that matters tho...), and didn't 
get a schematic nor can I find one. I replaced the resistor and got the amp 
working again tried it in the house 1 more time with success, put it outside 
again and smoked another resistor. What's the difference between the KP-1 and 
KP-2 besides weatherproofing? Can the length of feedline be causing the 
problem? I'm using 40 feet of 9913 and an M2 436CP30 with an SWR of 1.2 at 
435mhz. when I tried it in the house, I had about 14 inches of coax between 
the radio and the preamp. any help would be greatly appreciated. 73's from RI 
  ....Larry N1MIW
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