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R: Sweep oscillator

Hy Fred, ZL1BYP

The HP 8620 is a very good RF solid state sweeper and it covers
10 MHz to 22 GHz using 9 different single band-plug-ins

HP 86220 A         0.01 - 1.3 GHz
HP 86230 B           1.8  - 4.2 GHz
HP 86235 A          1.7  - 4.3 GHz
HP 86241 A          3.2  - 6.5  GHz
HP 86242 D           5.9  - 9.0  GHz
HP 86245 A          5.9  - 12.4 GHz
HP 86250 D           8.0 - 12.4 GHz
HP 86260 A         12.4 -18.0  GHz
HP 86260 A         12.0 - 22.0 GHz (optional H22 )

It is a very sophisticated equipment and you must be sure to get all the
operating and technical manuals both for the HP 8620 mainframe and for each
band-plug-in before to buy it.

Also you should consider that in case of fault of any strategic component
the original spare parts costs a lot of money if you buy it directly from
the manufacturer and so it is recommended  to buy the equipment from a
surplus seller having  surplus spare parts available and a lab in case of

In addition  you should study very deeply in details all technical manuals
ad schematic diagrams in order to be prepared to repair  the instrument
just in case even a very simple but readily available component fails.

The HP 8620  was a modern sweeper in 1978 like the HP 141 Spectrum
Analyser and infact both are described in great details in to the HP 1978
Electronic Instruments and systems Catalog

My sweeper is the older model HP 8690 B  and it covers 100 MHz to 18 GHz
with  4 band-plug-ins but it is a solid state and tubes for the main frame
and solid state and BWO tubes for the band-plug-ins

I am using this very rugged instrument from almost tree years and no
problems occurred  to me in any of the band  plug-ins but i had to repair
the 8690 B main frame tree times and hopefully i was fortunate enough to
find the necessary strategic tubes and associated transistors from a surplus
instruments seller in Italy.

In oder words,if you buy it you should consider to be not only the user  of
the instrument but also the person wich is able to investigate in to any
possible problem and possibly to repair it in the same manner you actually
do with your HP 141 spectrum analyser.

I hope that this information will help you.

73 de i8CVS Domenico

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> Hi Guys,
>             Looking at some additional equipment for the shack and a
> sweep oscillator is in the frame.
>     Could anyone advise me as to the plus's and minus's of the HP
> 8620 system which seems to be suitable and in the right area
> pricewise. From the photo's the 8620 looks to be of  the same era
> as the HP141 S.A. which I have and which is serving me very
> ie. it has same style and appearance and is solid state)
>  For me reliability is the ultimate key as 'local' spares backup - 
> probably difficult anywhere - would be a real nightmare here. 
> It looks like I will have to import something 'blind' so I'd really 
> appreciate some comment and information from an owner or user 
> before I start a serious search around the web and, perhaps,  take 
> the plunge.
>      Thanks and a happy and peaceful New Year to all. 
>    Very best,
>  Fred Kennedy
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