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Re: Kenwood TH-F6 deaf?

Hi all,

The concensus is that, yes, receiving HF on tiny antennas is the pits.
I had already verified that the rig didn't have the attenuator turned
on, and all that, so I'm satisfied that it's set up properly.

What I still want to hear is a comparison of anyone's experience
with the un-adorned TH-F6, using the original antennas only.  Can you
hear anything on HF?  I managed to hear enough of WWV on 15 and 20mhz
this afternoon to set my watch, but just barely.  It helped if I held
the whip antenna near a table lamp, but that was cheating.  I guess
I'm surprised that Kenwood would sell a rig that works so poorly.  I'm
currently in Western Washington State, by the way.  For the folks in
Ft. Collins - I do hope WWV works better for you!

By the way, it's not just HF that I've noticed suffers on side B.
I dialed up the National Weather Service station on 162.550; I see
about a 3-5 S-unit difference between A and B.  It's supposed to be
worse (.18uv vs .22uv A/B), and I know S-units don't mean much, but
it still feels like B should be better than it is.

Every piece of electronic equipment varies from one lot to the next.
I'm trying to see if mine is average, a little below, or defective and worth 
getting replaced by another.  Other than the B-side sensitivity,
I really like the rig.  It's small, easy to operate with one hand, has
lots of memory, 3 bands plus recreation, full HT power, etc.  The
speaker is a little tinny, but that's to be expected.  I also would
have preferred standard speaker/mike jacks (they're roughly swapped),
but I can deal with that.


Greg  KO6TH

>>Hi all,
>>Santa (bless him) brought me a new HT, the Kenwood TH-F6.  I seem
>>to recall it being mentioned by several BB readers, and want to
>>compare notes.
>>It seems that the "B" side of the radio is rather deaf....

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