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false signals-images-harmonics-whatever?

Hi all,

I have a Down East Microwave 2400-144RX downconverter.  It works but I am
receiving many false signals (images?) of my transmitted 435 Mhz signal (50
watts) all over the AO-40 passband which makes it hard to hear my real
signal.  The tranceiver is a IC-910H so I expect it is reasonably clean and
435 does not produce these images on 144.  The 435 antenna is a M2 420-50-11
yagi 4 feet from the dish which has a helix feed and the downconverter
mounted directly on the helix.

How do I get rid of these images/signals? Would buying a more expensive
downconverter (say the SSB electronics UEK-3000) improve things?  In
general, what do you get for the extra bucks?  Just a little less noise and
a few DB gain or more than that?

Thanks for reading this !

73's  Tracy K7KCS

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