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Re: Local Noise on 2.4 GHZ

Here's my suggestion, FWIW, Dan, Hasan and others...

Why not put a propagation beacon on the cordless phone channel that falls in
the downlink?  Beacons are legal, and should chase unlicensed devices off...

Yes...I know...You gotta turn it off to hear AO-40, but has anyone got a
better idea?  And someone nearby may even find it useful for tuning up their
AO-40 receiver when there's no satellite in range.

OTOH, when you turn it off, the frequency hopping phone could come right
back when you least want it--during a pass--but maybe some bright
counter-measures expert can solve that problem.

Hey, if someone builds a beacon, maybe we could spread a network of them
around the country.  :)  Maybe the cordless phone industry would start
copying the message.


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