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RE: Oscarlocator

Hi William!

This little help to predict satellites without an computer is in one ofe the 
issues of 'Theqq Satellite Experimenter's Handbook' by Martin Davidoff, 
K2UBC. The ISBN is 0-87259-004-6 by ARRL. I think you can get it from an 
national AMSAT organisation like A-DL or A-UK here in Europe.
The appendix B (in my issue from 1984 .... ;-)) ) the principle of the 
Oscarlocator is described as well as you find some overlays for the 
satellites you want to work. 
The only need to work with it, is to know the time of the ascending nodes of 
the satellites (EQX - equator crossings northbound). 

So, with a bunch of precalculated EQX's of several satellites (also P3-style) 
you will be able to determine the time of sights in any location you are.

I have found an very early brochure from AMSAT-DL about '.....everything 
about OSCAR-8....'
Inside is a description of the Oscarlocator for AO-8 and the overlays to use 
it. When you can read german and want this brochure, I will copy it and send 
it to you. If it is OK give me a short note and your snail-mail adress.

73 de Wolf, OE7FTJ

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