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Re: NOVA_TUNE comment. Look before you leap!

	W9IP de G3BVU  BT

At 15:09 12/26/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Tim is correct, Nova_Tune + SASI Sat Tracker would require two free
>printer ports.  Add-on multi-port cards are about $15, I think.
>As for USB, it's beastly complicated (therefore expensive) for the tiny
>that we represent.
>Tim Pickett wrote:
>> The only problem with the new Nova-Tune is you must have TWO printer ports
>> to use Nova-Tune, and say SASI-Sat-Tracker, or any other tracker that
uses a
>> printer port.
>> Too bad they didn't make the interface also offer USB to solve that
>> Tim Pickett, KG8OC
>> Michigan AMSAT Area Coordinator
>> kg8oc@amsat.org http://www.qsl.net/kg8oc
								Boxing Day 2001

	Another often overlooked problem with NOVA_TUNE, until you confront it,
can be the limited number of IRQs available in a PC.

	Traditionally I have often "stolen" the LPT2 IRQ to provide independent
IRQs for 3 (or 4) COMM ports. Having a bus (PS-2) mouse helps but if you're
stuck with a SERIAL mouse (as on older mother boards) and need the extra,
independent, IRQs you can be in deep trouble.

	NOVA_TUNE can be a blessing for those of us with existing antenna tracking
systems. But, "Look before you leap".

	However Uni-Trac 2000, available from Spectrum International, Concord,
Mass. USA (see their ad in The AMSAT Journal), provides BOTH antenna
steering and radio tuning. Uni-Trac 2000 uses NfW (or WISP) as its driver
in a single "hardware box / software package" and uses only one printer port.

	Seasons Greetings,
	John, G3BVU/W1.

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