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RE: Kenwood TH-F6 deaf?

Hello Greg.

I have a TH-F6A and on V/UHF I find the sensitivity very good on both
bands - indeed my standard test is to see if I can hear a beacon on 2m at
various parts of my subterranean apartment, and the TH-F6A is up with the
best of them. I have also successfully worked satellite with the TH-F6A as
the 70cm SSB downlink recevier using an Arrow antenna. Not something I'd
recommend for everyday use, but it does work.

On HF I have little experience, but your note got me thinking. So I tried
this little experiment....

I took a Miracle Whip (www.miracleantenna.com) and set it up on my FT-817,
tuning in to a weak LSB signal on 80m. I then placed the same antenna onto
the TH-F6A and the signal was still there. Sure it was more difficult to
audibly resolve, but I believe that's down to the wide SSB filters on the
TH-F6A and not the sensitivity.

The built in ferrite was a no hoper on this signal. Seems OK for nice strong
broadcast band AM sigs though.

So I wouldn't say it was less sensitive. But keep in mind that a lambda/1000
antenna ain't going to pick much up! I think the manual has something to say
on both this matter and the SSB filters.

What's innovative and useful about this radio?

o	Dual receive with one band all mode wide band RX - you can listen to your
local radio station and your local repeater at the same time.
o	You can RX the FO and RS satellites on it.
o	220MHz (not much use to us outside N & S America I'm afraid!).
o	Built-in ferrite antenna - far, far better than a rubber duck.
o	Small size and not too fiddly.
o	All very intuitive without a manual except the scan functions

What's not so good?

o	The RX on SSB on 440MHz has mucho phase noise on it so receiving the FO
sats is a struggle.
o	No full duplex - for me this was a big disappointment. I hate trying to
operate sats without hearing my own downlink. Therefore I don't know how it
can be 'the best satellite handheld radio yet' as their marketing blurb has
stated. Sure, it's not easy with a wide band RX, but to ease things Kenwood
could limit it to full duplex only within two different Ham bands.
o	SSB filters way too wide - but then almost without exception all HT
receivers have this problem. AR-8200 is the only exception I know of which
is an improvement but it's still too wide for Ham use!!!
o	Vox always trips at wrong time even with Kenwood headset.

Wish list from my point of view...

o	Full duplex
o	All mode TX
o	Narrower SSB RX filters

So, acid test, which radio do I always have with me?

o	TH-F6A

73 Howard G6LVB

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