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Re: USB Question

The fact that the program will let you input the actual IRQ tells me that 
"KaGold" accesses the serial port directly. Most of the software currently 
developed for widows lets the operating system handle device requests. 
Prior to the current generation of windows, program developers had to 
incorporate there own device support. However with Microsoft "Plug & Pray" 
operating systems, system developers can simply let the operating system 
handle the device requests.  The problem is with devices such as USB 
converters that can only be accessed by programs that use the operating 
system for device requests.

As for imputing the IRQ for the USB adapter, this shouldn't work because 
unlike a "REAL" serial port, all the devices your USB port share the same 
IRQ (including devices on the USB hub).

My advice is if one of you other seral devices will operate on USB then 
move it and put your tnc on a "REAL" serial port.

Dose this make any cents??

73's de WO5M

At 12:55 PM 12/26/2001 -0500, Butch Quallich wrote:
>Hello and Happy Holidays,
>I'm in the process of trying to wire in a TNC (Kantronics 9612+) with the 
>digital birds.
>Unfortunately my comm ports are being used by other serial driven 
>devices.  I was hoping to be able
>to utilize my packet software and TNC off of one of my USB ports.  I 
>purchased a 7-port USB Hub and
>some USB-to-Serial Converters (from JDR) to accomplish this interfacing.
>I'm using a PIII machine (933mhz) and KaGold packet software which during 
>setup allows for Comm ports
>1 thru 4, or "other".   "Other" allows the user to insert the Address and 
>IRQ data.  The best I can
>determine my computer has auto-configured my USB Hub as Comm 3/IRQ-10, but 
>inserting that address and
>IRQ data hasn't produced any results.  For the life of me I haven't been 
>able to get this software to
>see the TNC via the USB port and the above USB interface equipment.
>Any suggestions?
>Butch Quallich, KF4HR
>Email:  kf4hr@erols.com

Randy Mclean
Security/Network Administrator

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