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Re: Local Noise on 2.4 GHZ

On Tuesday 25 December 2001 12:24 pm, Steve Jepsen wrote:
> Just for my own information. What can we do about interference on 2.4ghz?
> I expect this problem to get much worse very quickly now that wireless lan
> equipment is getting less expensive.
> Does anyone have any success stories in dealing with interference to the
> AO40 downlink frequencies?
> Steve.. AI7W
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> From:	hasan schiers [SMTP:schiers@netins.net]
> Sent:	Tuesday, December 25, 2001 14:33
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> Subject:	Re: [amsat-bb] Local Noise on 2.4 GHZ
> I agree, it sounds like a spread spectrum part 15 device. Do you have a 2.4
> gig cordless phone in your house? Wireless lan? Remote wireless speakers?
> Anything that runs SS on 2.4 gig potentially can just tear up AO-40.
> Additionally, microwave ovens can be quite dirty.
> Good luck. 73

If I understand the Part 15 rules correctly, any harmful interference that 
they either suffer or cause to a licensed service must be corrected at their 
end. However, I have no knowledge of this "technicality" every being enforced 
by the FCC. It could be a rule with no teeth. 

I have had two 2.4 gig Part 15 devices in my home:

1: 2.4 gig wireless ineternet to a place 3.7 miles away. Outside, high gain 
antenna (in fact it is the antenna I now use for Rx AO-40 now, a 39" 
HyperLink Tech BBQ dish, horizontal polarization)

2: Wavecom 2.4 gig wireless audio video sender.

Neither interfered with AO-40 that I could tell, but the Internet connection 
periodically tore up my video receiver on the same band. 

The internet was spread spectrum. The Wavecom video/audio sender is not. I 
still use it.

Hope this helps and maybe someone knows of some enforcement.


hasan schiers, N0AN
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