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Re: Old (without PC) tracking ?

Yes. This workd fine and believe it or not after reading this I checked
and found I still have mine. There is also an overlay for the phase III

in fact I think I still have my AO-10. If you can find one, they worred
reasonably well until the computer programs took over.

Somewhere we use to get approximate pass over times for an area
and then you can base your future pass times for a few days on those
times and the chart.

At 10:59 AM 12/25/2001 GMT, Richard W L Limebear wrote:
>William, Gang
>"William Leijenaar" writes:
>> I am looking for some way to predict satellite passes without use of an 
>> computer system. I have read about some system that worked with pen, paper 
>> (map) and ruler.
>In Britain this is called an OSCARLATOR. It uses a polar projection map
>(thats a great-circle map centred on the pole) and there is a sample map
>inside the back cover of the "Satellite Experimenters Handbook" along with
>a description in one of the chapters.
>You use clear plastic overlays which change for each satellite with one
>(the range circle) centred on your QTH and the other (the orbital path)
>centred on the pole. This works fine for LEO but I'm not aware of one for
>the phase-3 orbits.
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