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mtrack beta testing successful

Since there was quite a bit of interest regarding squint and mtrack, I 
thought I'd post a short note of my beta testing of the coming release.

Jonathan sent me a beta to test this morning and this is what I've found:

1. Squint now appears to work perfectly, including a -Z button for AO-40 type 
birds. (bogus squint is displayed if no entry in attitude field) e.g., I have 
no entry for uo-14 attitude and it is currently showing 58 deg squint. 

2. Next AOS and LOS are displayed.
2a. Actual doppler as well as effective freq and raw beacon freq now displayed

3. MULTIPLE SATELLITE TRACKING ...I'm currently viewing ao-40, uo-14 and ISS.

4. Right click on map now gives choices.
4a. New edit satellite window with tabs. Very nice.

5. Import of TLE's now shows/uses correct epoch year (it was going to 1901 
not 2001 every time a new TLE was imported)

Definitely great progress, Congrats, Jonathon.

I'm sure Jonathon will put things out in an official release when he's 
confident that it's ready, so please just hang in there. 73
hasan schiers, N0AN
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