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Re: Repeators in Space

At 12:46 24/12/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Hello Steve.
>Happy Holidays.
>Since Radio waves travel at the speed of light there really is no way to 
>make them go faster because current scientific theory is that nothing can 
>go faster then the speed of light.  Now there is some interesting physics 
>theory being worked on which might "change" that but at least for our 
>science and certianly for our technology thats one of the things that we 
>are stuck with.

If a transmitter was on an object that was travelling at the speed of 
light, would radio waves be travelling at twice the speed of light in 
front, ( speed of vehicle + speed of light ) and be standing still behind 
the vehicle ( speed of vehicle - speed of light) ? OK speed of light travel 
is impossible ( they said that about landing a man on the moon! ) but it 
makes for a good puzzle, infinite doppler?, behind the vehicle the 
frequency minus Doppler would be DC. also, how would one contact such a 
vehicle, any radio waves could never catch up with it.


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