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Re: AO-40 current ALON/ALAT

On Monday 24 December 2001 09:59 am, Mike73@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 12/24/01 9:38:08 AM Eastern Standard Time, K5OE@aol.com
> writes:
> > Conditions under the new ALON/ALAT are about what Stacey predicted--good
> >  shortly after perigee.  Yesterday I noticed the signals on both U-uplink
> and
> >  S-downlink peaked for me between MA=50 and MA=70.  In fact, some of the
> >  stronger US, OZ, and DL stations were a solid 58 or 59 signal report
> > here, compared to some difficult copy just an hour before at MA=35.  And
> > I was tripping LEILA, a rare occurrence with my small antennas.  Although
> > the squint was barely under 15 degrees for me, the range was less than
> > 45,000 km--making a BIG difference.
> Hi Jerry,
> I was seeing very good conditions yesterday when I copied the ALON/ALAT
> telemetry numbers. Today at 1555 UTC, conditions are so so. 22 degree
> squint and range of 61,600 km right now. CW qso's, piece of cake. SSB rough
> but can be done. Telemetry is copyable, but blocks are getting corrupted
> due to spin.
> FYI, I'm taking down the Meyers grill dish here. G3RUH patch and solid dish
> going up. I expect 3 things to happen:
> 1.) Increase signal due to circular polarization
> 2.) Decreased noise due to less over illumination/better dish-feed match.
> 3.) Slight performance gain due to DB6NT preamp being mounted directly at
> the feed eliminating 3' RG-8 jumper on Meyers Dish.
> I'll let you know how it comes out and send you a picture.
> 73,
> Mike, N1JEZ

Hi Guys,

I'm getting 96% good CRC's at 17:30 utc, squint 30 deg. Az 112 El 16.7. Sigs 
are S4 to 4.5, noise S2 to S3. Bird is not as good as it was yesterday at a 
similar squint angle....weaker signal to be sure. Slow spin mod, but not 
causing bad CRC's at the moment. 73

Hyperlink Tech 39" BBQ, Horiz. polarization, UEK 3000, FT-847.

hasan schiers, N0AN
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